What are the benefits of Shared Hosting plans?

“Shared” hosting is where you are given access to one folder on one web server alongside hundreds (or possibly thousands) of other websites who have paid for the same service. This means that every single website on that server will be sharing all the resources that server has, such as the computer CPU and memory.

The main benefit of shared hosting is that it’s the cheapest option when choosing a hosting provider. Resources are shared, and therefore so is the cost.

And what about the pitfalls of Shared Hosting?

The concept of shared hosting obviously also has pitfalls. For example, if someone has a poorly performing website, it has a negative impact on all the other websites on that same shared server.

Another concern is that if just one website on that shared hosting has been blocked for sending spam email, then all other websites on that shared hosting will also be blocked and that means your emails will be marked as spam even though they aren’t!

Our dedicated virtual hosting services are different in that each website has a dedicated IP address (meaning that you aren’t affected by spam being sent by any other websites). It also offers dedicated server resources (such as CPU, memory, storage space and bandwidth).

How does Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting work?

When you opt for VPS hosting, the physical web server is divided into several virtual compartments, and specialised software is installed on each compartment allowing it to function independently from any other compartment on that same server. This means that no one website on the same machine will affect the performance or reliability of any other website. And in turn, it means that you get exactly the same system resources you have paid for.

What are the benefits of VPS hosting?

  • Faster websites
  • More stability and reliability
  • More dedicated bandwidth
  • More storage space
  • Spam scoring is only based on YOUR emails
  • Easily scale your hosting up (or down) to meet demand