It’s a hot topic!

Web Design in Manchester is a bit of a hot topic! There are literally thousands of web designers, freelancers, marketing and media agencies dotted across the city and surrounding areas. So how do you choose which to partner with on your next project?

It’s a tough question, and there’s not really a right answer. The best you can ultimately do is to simply find a web design partner that will be able to meet your requirements, that you trust and ideally, have a bit of a rapport with.

Web Design in Manchester - It's a hot topic |
Web Design in Manchester - Can they meet your requirements? |

Can they meet your requirements?

Check our their portfolio of work to get a good idea of the work they have done in the past. Do you like the majority of their project output? Have some of their sites made you think “Wow!” or “I like that!”? This is obviously a good indication that the web designer you’re looking at should be able to meet your expectations in terms of design, UI and UX.

Look at their list of clients. Do you recognise any of the names? Do any of their clients overlap with your own business model or industry? It’s also worthwhile clicking through to the client websites to see if they have chosen to update their site with a different provider.

Are they trustworthy?

Trust is hard to earn and even harder to prove. But there are simple ways to get an idea of the trustworthiness of a provider. If they have a list of testimonials from previous clients, make sure to have a good read. Perhaps compare their list of testimonials with their portfolio of work. You’d expect to see some correlation between the two, wouldn’t you?

If their website shows links to freelancer platform sites like Upwork, Bark or Freelancer, click on the links and check out their portfolios on those sites. Sites like these do not allow service providers to fake their own reviews. Reviews are added by those who have used their services on the platform, so you can be comfortable that the reviews are honest, reliable and real.

Web Design in Manchester - Are they trustworthy? |
Web Design in Manchester - Will you get on well whilst working together? |

Will you get on well whilst working together?

When you start a conversation with potential web design partners, whether that be by email, phone, instant messenger or in person, it’s usually fairly easy to recognise those with whom you’ll probably get on well with. Take note of their language and grammar, and try to compare it with what you expect from the ideal partner.

Do you expect ultra-professionalism, or something a little more friendly?

It’s a given that you would hope to find a web design partner who is reliable, knowledgeable and interested in working with you. Does their language suggest that they fit the mould?

With so many people and businesses out there offering web design and development services, it really can be a bit daunting to track down a suitable partner. But by following a few simple guidelines, you should be better placed to work out who to work with.

Web design in Manchester…who knew how hard it could be?!

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