Your website is your own personal 24-hour advertising medium that works tirelessly day in, day out. It’s also a tool that potential customers use to make purchasing decisions. As such, it’s imperative that your website paints a suitable picture of your business, it’s products and service offerings.

Web Design - Requirements

The first step in any web design project is to gather the customer requirements. No two projects are the same, so it’s important to run through a full conversation to make sure we understand what our clients want.

We are experts at understanding your needs, as well as suggesting additional features and functionality that may help you to add value to your website.

This phase of the project is arguably the most important as it helps us to understand the end goal, and minimises the need for modifications at the later stages of the project.

Web Design - Planning

The planning phase allows us to formulate a set of plans for the project. We will spend some time evaluating the requirements, and will choose an appropriate set of solutions that will work together to form a cohesive, well built end result.

Each project will have a distinct set of functionality, and it’s important that each solution works well together, and supports such things as Search Engine Optimisation, acceptable performance and a usable user interface.

We will typically create a sitemap and page navigation hierarchy, before proceeding to draft out what content will appear on each page and section.

Web Design - Design

The design phase is where we combine your brief with our planning investigations and start to design your website. Generally, we will take inspiration from your branding to decide on a colour palette, although if you’ve provided any specific guidance, we’ll use that too.

Web Design - Development

This is obviously our favourite phase in all of our projects – the bit where we can get our hands dirty! The development phase is where we actually start the process of creating your new website, integrating any third-party services we’ve deemed to be suitable, and producing a tangible end product.

Throughout the development stage of your project, we will keep you updated with our progress to ensure that we are on the right path. If we have any questions for you, we make sure to ask them as soon as they crop up to ensure that delays in delivery are minimal.

Once your new website is ready, we’ll need to migrate it from our Development server to the Production server. This may be your own hosting server, or we can host the site, your domain name(s) and your email accounts for you.

The migration process is a painless process – all we need is the credentials to access your hosting control panel.

Once the site is live, there are usually a few minor changes we need to make to ensure that any relevant licences are switched over from the DEV site url to your PRODUCTION url, making that search engines can index your content and setting up Google Webmaster Tools / Analytics where you’ve instructed us to do so.

After this, you’ll be wanting some training on how to manage your website too. We can provide training in person or remotely, either in pre-recorded video form or via a live screen sharing session – we’ll let you choose. We are also working on an online learning platform where you can access some tutorials on a range of subject concerning the management of your WordPress website.

Providing everything your website needs to serve your customers!



We create stunning, professional and beautiful websites to showcase your business or personal endeavour in the very best possible light!


Every site we deliver is built to work on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices using responsive techniques.


We offer an extensive list of additional features and functionality to offer the most value to your customers.

A wealth of potential...

SERVICE: Appointment Management
Management appointments & bookings

Does your business offer services that require bookings or appointments?

Why not list your availability on your website and allow your customers to make reservations, appointments or bookings online on your own website.

Perfect for beauty therapists, health professionals, tutors, holiday rentals and much more.

SERVICE: Mini Social Network
Run your own private social network

Perfect for sports teams, church communities, common interest groups and more, we can develop a private social network to allow your community to stay connected at any time from anywhere.

Offering ‘friending’, ‘mentions’, ‘check-ins’, discussion forums and status updates, a private social network is a great way to give your community a sense of belonging to your group!

SERVICE: eCommerce Platform
Create & sell training courses

If you have specialised knowledge, why not create your own online training courses with a Learning Management System (LMS).

This functionality allows you to offer paid subscriptions, individual course fees or free access to your learning material.

We are building our own LMS to offer training videos to our clients, teaching them how to use and manage the websites that we build for them!

SERVICE: Event Management
List events & sell event tickets

If you participate in exhibitions or run an events company, we can offer you the tools to list events along with the option to sell tickets directly from your own site.

You can use it to list fundraisers, meetings, clubs, church events and neighbourhood groups, to name just a few. You can also allow your customers to list their own events potentially for a split of the profits.

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