New private social network website for a church community

All Saints Church is a church in Frinsbury is a church in Medway Kent

Frinsbury, Kent
CLIENT: All Saints Church, Frindsbury

Nicholas is the vicar at All Saints, and as a former IT project manager, he saw the potential that his website could offer his parishioners during the Covid-19 outbreak. Nicholas already had a WordPress-based website, but he had a vision to create a mini private social network that would allow him and his parishioners to continue their activities albeit online.

The Brief

Nicholas wanted to extend the church website to offer a more social and interactive experience for his parishioners. He had a vision of message boards and an events calendar. He asked us to investigate options to permit a more interactive experience for his parish.

  • Add more interactivity to the church website.
  • Allow parishioners to create an account.
  • Provide message board functionality so that members can continue to interact with each other and the church.
  • Investigate more ways to offer value to members.

The Solution

After some investigation into the existing website and some of the available technologies and features, we scoped and planned a fully interactive mini private social network. The end product would allow Nicholas’ parishioners and fellow staff members to chat, discuss and participate in a range of social means including:

  1. Chat boards (forums).
  2. Social wall (check-ins, friend requests, @mentions, photo updates, video posts, comments, etc.)
  3. Private messaging between members.
  4. Events calendar.
  5. Prayer diaries.

All Saints Church

CLIENT: All Saints Church, Frindsbury

Like so many organisations, the present pandemic has meant that we have had to change what we do, how we do it and, as importantly, how we communicate it through our website.

I was delighted to encounter LOVEHTML. Because of his wide experience, Aaran was able to understand what we needed, and show us a working prototype within hours. Transfer and redesign of our existing website into the new design and CMS was achieved efficiently and with very little effort on our part. Interfaces to our existing social media and calendars were also set up, creating a more integrated and time-saving approach to our communications.

Having previously worked as a project manager I was delighted by the smooth, straightforward and simple process. I would highly recommend LOVEHTML not only to churches, but to any organisation who needs a flexible website to support their immediate and future requirements.

With best wishes,

The Reverend Nicholas Cooper
Vicar of Frindsbury with Upnor and Chattenden