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EU Cookie Policy

EU Cookie Policy

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If your website uses ‘cookies’ in any way, shape or form you need to be aware of your obligations as a website owner/operator that have been enforced due to the EU Cookie Policy regulations enforced in May 2011 and updated more recently in May 2012.

You may not even be aware that you are storing a cookie each time your site visitors visit your site. The most common reasons why cookies may be stored by your website include, but aren’t limited to the following activities:

  • Using Google Analytics to get an idea of how visitors find or use your site
  • Using an online shopping cart feature
  • Offering your site visitors the option to login to their own online account
  • A ‘Remember me’ checkbox

Therefore as a web site owner/operator, you should read the article on the Information Commissioner’s Office to ensure you understand what this EU Cookie Policy regulation means for you.

You may have seen a bar at the top of this site that simply informs our visitors that we track cookies. This is just one quick, simple and unobtrusive way you can comply to this EU Cookie Policy.

If you’d like to discuss these regulations with us, or would like us to help you to ensure that your website is compliant, please get in touch with us, or send us a message on Facebook.

An avid web designer, developer and all-round good egg, Aaran is passionate about providing awesome web design solutions for customers large and small!